09 May 2010


I am fascinated by the story of Sheri Rene Scott's show Everyday Rapture and its journey to Broadway. Imagine that call (which co-writer Dick Scanlan details in a great Broadway.com feature) and wrapping your mind around the charge of getting a show to Broadway in 40 days ... while almost your entire creative team is tied up opening another Broadway show. Utterly crazy, and a fantastic experience in knowing your show, trusting your instincts, and having faith that everything will come together.

Everyday Rapture's journey teaches me a few things:

  • Great opportunities can come not only when you're least expecting them, but also out of otherwise difficult situations (in this case, the unexpected delay and then cancellation of Lips Together, Teeth Apart). Ultimately, the reason behind the opportunity doesn't matter, just what you do when given the shot.
  • Correspondingly, and perhaps most relevant to the students I work with, always be prepared. You never know when an opportunity might fall in your lap, and if you're always ready to run with whatever comes, you stand to gain so much (probably beyond your wildest expectations). This happened on a smaller scale for three students with solo shows who were suddenly plucked to showcase at the 2009 Hip Hop Theater Festival, and their willingness to take this leap paid off, too.
  • I know some other shows, especially solo shows, that I'd love to see called up for a similar leap to a broader stage. This story hopefully made that dream feel truly possible for those artists and countless others, who may just take some notes and make sure everything is lined up ... just in case.
  • Finally, while I'm only vaguely familiar with Sheri Rene Scott's previous work, paying attention to this journey has made me pay attention to details about this show, and it's gone from barely on my radar to one of the top shows I want to see. I imagine many others find themselves feeling the same way, and I hope this generates ticket sales that Everyday Rapture may not have otherwise seen. In this way, the unconventional path the show followed may just be the luck stamp on its ticket to success. Maybe then the real lesson is simply this: Never underestimate the power of a great story.