22 March 2013


We've established elsewhere on this site that when I was a kid, I did some television hosting, namely for a Wisconsin Public Television show called "Get Real!" I loved every minute of that experience and it was easily the highlight of my early years.

While I don't get the opportunity to dust off my TV smile for the camera all that often anymore, it's always a treat when the opportunity arises. When my current organization needed someone to share some of our spaces and services with potential clients, you know I didn't hesitate to volunteer. 

The videos are short and sweet, just enough to give folks a sense of what we offer if they haven't seen or can't see it in person. And yes, that is the same dress that I'm wearing in the photo at right. It's one of my favorites and just so bright and fun on camera. I'm sure the fact that my entire childhood wardrobe was TV-friendly helped to establish that quality in my adult style. I rarely meet a bright color or pattern I won't rock.