22 November 2013


This week's challenge is all about scarves. I love them and am extremely specific about them. (Shocking!) My favorites are big and square so that I can fold them in half along the diagonal, let the point rest on my chest, and pull each end around. While square scarves are harder to find and not trending right now, they definitely work best for me. I am cold pretty much constantly from October through May so piling up a cozy scarf, half gloves, and half a dozen layers is my fall and spring M.O. This scarf from Urban Outfitters rarely spends 24 hours in my closet. It goes with absolutely everything, which allows me to keep making bright choices in the rest of my clothes, like today's hoodie ... 

Hoodie: ModCloth
Jeans: Old Navy
Gloves: H&M (sold out)
Jacket: Forever 21 (old)
Earrings: Claire's 
Nails: Sally Hansen Diamond Strength 18 Private I

In case you can't see the earrings in the closeup, I'm calling them out here because I'm pretty obsessed with them. I stumbled on them while looking for jewelry to pile on for my Halloween costume and they are a perfect combination of understated and edgy, matching my style perfectly. I haven't shopped at Claire's in probably 10 years, but I give it up to them for their front and back earrings. My friend got an adorable dinosaur pair and I may have also purchased a pink headphone pair. 

Basically, I want everything I wear to say something about me, but I'd prefer not to have everything speak at once. I adore how these, much like my UO scarf, help me strike that balance. They are definitely two of my workaholic pieces.

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