19 May 2014


To say I was excited for my second Stitch Fix order to arrive is to put it verrrrry lightly. While I allowed myself to be totally surprised by not peeking at the items last time, I Googled my way through every single item the second I got my shipment notice this time around. I couldn't find two of the pieces online, so there was still an element of surprise, but I was psyched about what I did see! That included something I had pinned on my Pinterest board and had been eyeing for quite a while. In the notes for this fix I asked for summer clothes and noted that I had never (ever!) found a pair of shorts that I truly loved (I know!). My stylist this time around was Julie and she brought it. I absolutely felt like she got me and my style right off the bat. That's not easy to do with me and I give her all the props in the world for it. Thanks, Julie!

If you've never tried Stitch Fix, check out my first review for more details. I've found myself getting annoyed with regular shopping recently because I can't try on the items with everything else in my wardrobe, in different lighting and for as many hours as I want. That, plus the super fun element of surprise and the fact that I can't easily source any of these items near me, are some of the biggest reasons why I love Stitch Fix and schedule fixes roughly quarterly. I get to refresh my wardrobe and try something new. I couldn't be happier with that.

Now, onto the clothes! 

1. Laila Jayde Cheryl Chevron Stripe V-Neck Tank ($54)
I pinned this on my SF inspiration board a while back and was so excited to try it out. I loved the pink and grey color combination, loved the cut, and thought the style was perfect for me in the summer. Unfortunately, this tank was just too big. I found myself constantly pulling it up by the straps and under the arms. Plus, as you can see, the high-low hem dips really low in back. I'm definitely between sizes on top and this just fell to the wrong end of the spectrum. Regrettably, it had to go back.

2. Mystree Wendy Crochet Detail Hi-Lo Dress ($68)
First things first: I loved this dress. The high-low hit me perfectly in front and in the back. The stripes and crochet detail in front felt fresh and a little edgy, and the fit was perfect. I really struggled with whether to keep it. Ultimately, a few practical concerns won out: I was worried about the cost of the dress versus the number of wears I would get out of the very thin jersey fabric, and I just don't wear casual summer dresses that much. This one couldn't do double-duty at work and I couldn't rationalize that I would get enough wear out of this dress to make it worthwhile. I still think of it fondly. 

3. Zad Zoe Open Shape Metal Earrings ($32)
I definitely liked these, I just couldn't justify them versus the price tag. A statement piece, absolutely, but a pair of delicate everyday earrings, not so much.

4. Collective Concepts Mason Abstract Chevron Print Layered Tank ($58)
I adored the colors and the pattern on this tank. The fabrication was great - it could've just as easily gone under a blazer for work and added a fresh pop. I just wasn't completely sold on how it fit me. It felt boxy and not particularly flattering on my body. I also wasn't the biggest fan of the layered hem at the bottom. Maybe it would've worked in the darker blue or the orange, but I didn't love so much of the lighter color popping out.

5. Liverpool Narra Cuffed Denim Short ($44)
Yes, I saved the best for last. I found shorts that fit me! I can't believe Julie got it on one try when I have been trying to figure this out for years (not an exaggeration). These have no waistband gap, aren't too short or too long, can be cuffed (as shown) or unrolled, are a perfect go-with-everything dark denim wash, and just generally feel like I could live in them all summer totally comfortably. A win on all fronts, plus a great price ($24 after the styling fee was applied!). I was/am completely thrilled.

Any lingering questions about Stitch Fix?

Disclosure: I paid for my Stitch Fix as I do all of my clothes. If you place your first Stitch Fix order through the links on this page, I get a small credit toward a future fix. Many thanks if you do!

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Theboxqueen said...

Lauren I love this fix. I know you only kept the shorts but I really liked the black dress and the layered top on you as well! How amazing you found a pair of shorts that fits you the way you want it to fit after searching for one for a long time. <3 Meant to be! :))
Have an amazing week, XOXO, Elif