07 December 2015


As of today, I'm the Associate Director of Ticketing at Overture. I'm thrilled about the opportunity to work on marketing projects, engage our subscribers, facilitate our work with emerging technologies, and more. And I still get to run the shows!

One of my projects over the past several months has been our mobile app. It's been a lot of fun to exercise my coding muscle a little bit and develop content that is both fast and functional - "I just want to buy tickets!" - as well as fun and interactive. Trivia, quizzes, social media engagement and more are on the menu, as are all kinds of special features for our annual gala Frostiball. To paraphrase Hamiltonthe fun is non-stop. I love it.

We have a major onsale for The Lion King at the end of the week and the preparations are reminding me how quickly this business moves and changes. A little over a year ago we put The Book of Mormon on sale and pretty much every single process has been changed or upgraded since then. It's rare to find an industry so steeped in great tradition that makes space for such constant reinvention.

This holiday season I'm super thankful for my bizarre schedule, Overture's plentiful and diverse arts offerings all year round, our awesome team, and everyone who is working to make live entertainment happen.