09 December 2013


I posted a picture of my Christmas tree on Twitter, along with an earlier shot of unpacking my winter village supplies. I love these traditions of holiday decorating, but this year I experimented more with holiday touches throughout my home. Some are less traditional than others (you don't think of feathers, pom poms and squirrels when you think December?) but all have added some sparkle, shine and general cheer to my space in honor of this time of year. Let's face it: I would rock most people's totally-over-the-top holiday decor year-round. So I have to take advantage of the season to turn it up a notch!

Besides decorating up a (snow) storm, I have two other holiday-related not-so-guilty pleasures: *NSYNC's Home for Christmas and Trader Joe's Peppermint Hot Chocolate. Both are super fun ways to immediately put me in the holiday spirit. Just be careful not to get addicted to the hot chocolate, because TJ's retires it soon after the new year (I learned this the hard way). You can listen to *NSYNC carol anytime of the year, though. No judgement.

I made all three of the wreaths with floral foam bases. (Yes, there are mini wreaths everywhere.) The glitter balls are from the local dollar store, the squirrel is from Target and the bell tree stocking holder is from Walgreens.

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