04 December 2013


I saw Elton John live just outside of Chicago on a recent Saturday night (yes, it's alright for fighting - we all have to get that out!) for what I believe was my fifth EJ concert. He's simply one of my all-time favorite artists and he never disappoints. I recommend trying to sit on the side of the stage (but only the audience left side) if you can; you get closer than any other section (except the first few rows on the floor), you get to see his piano work firsthand, and the tickets are generally not at the top price because you're not looking straight on. You get plenty of Elton face time between songs, too! Check out my show photos below and a peek at what I wore (rainbow glitter manicure optional but highly encouraged)!

Blazer: H&M (out of stock)
Jeans: Old Navy
Raglan: eBay
Shoes: Boston Store (may restock at Amazon)

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