28 August 2010


Everyone who visits my office comments on the art that graces the entry wall. Bringing that piece from home and hanging it in my office was the best decorating decision I could have made, and here are just a few of the reasons why:
  1. The piece helps to set the tone for what we do as an office. We're all about urban arts, and the photos are the complete embodiment of that.
  2. The piece tells visitors something about my personality. When someone asks me about the art, I am offered the opportunity to share information about my favorite artist, as well as details about when I bought the photographs and how I mounted them.
  3. As an arts organization, who would we be if we didn't actively support all kinds of artists? To me, it's essential that I be both a proponent and a genuine fan of much more than the artists or art forms with which I happen to work. Keeping art all around me is vital both for my personal engagement and my professional development.
The artist who created these amazing shots is Xavier Nuez, and I imagine I will have a large collection of his work in a few more years. I love his Alleys series - the gritty-pretty, graffiti-glam aesthetic is exemplary of my artistic taste. I originally came across Mr. Nuez's work at Madison's annual Art Fair on the Square, which is a great way to be exposed to many artists and types of art at once. Check out Mr. Nuez's work at his website, and support the artists whose work you love, both at home and at work.