20 January 2014


It was Dylan Lauren (daughter of Ralph) who made me want to wear a necktie. She stood next to Project Runway's Tim Gunn in a fitted shirt and standard-width tie (not extra skinny just because she's a lady) in the brightest candy colors. I sat straight up and thought, "I need to rock that look."

It took me a little while to find the right ties and the right way to wear. For the ties themselves, I go with standard widths just like Dylan and follow her lead of slightly more feminine styles (for me, that means a purple and silver pattern in one, a solid chartreuse on another). I wear them with standard knot and dimple, but just slightly pulled away from my neck for a more casual bent without looking sloppy or over-styled. I pair them with a fitted collared shirt and sometimes a fitted cardigan. A pencil skirt or slim pants and a ballet flat or kitten heel (rather than a loafer or oxford, so that multiple menswear pieces don't combine to veer toward costume) complete the look. Mostly, I try to keep a little humor and a lot of feminine detail in a necktie-based ensemble for balance. Check out a few styling examples below! My next goal is to tackle the bowtie (without looking twee).

I was inspired to share my love of reappropriating menswear while reading Leandra Medine's new book Man Repeller (based on the blog of the same name). I've never encountered someone whose approach to style is so similar to mine in so many ways. Each chapter is titled for a special item of clothing or accessory in Leandra's closet and the chapter shares the story behind it and her experiences (and often misadventures) wearing it. A great read for twenty-somethings and, of course, anyone who loves fashion. That goes triple for anyone who, like both me and Leandra, has fawned over perfectly draped harem pants, leather overalls, and oversized blazers.

I also pin a fair amount of menswear-inspired work looks on my "Work" Pinterest board - follow me there for everything ladyties and much more.