15 April 2014


Historically, I would NEVER order anything online that I hadn't pored over for at least several days, if not weeks or months. But just lately, I've been taking more risks with a couple of fashion websites to see what happens. First, I gave Stitch Fix a try. Then, last month, I took the ultimate (non-returnable!) leap with ModCloth's Stylish Surprise.

ModCloth periodically offers Stylish Surprises as $5-$10 "mystery" items on their website. You choose your category - apparel, shoes, or apartment - and size (if applicable) and they send you literally anything. I assume they use it to clear out extra stock seasonally. I'm totally okay with that, because I got two super cute items for $20 + $4 shipping. You can't return anything that doesn't fit (we all know how widely brands vary in sizing) or isn't your style. I read a lot of reviews before clicking "Buy" and some people reported a box full of duds. Others got super lucky with gorgeous dresses and other items they loved. I went against my no-surprises nature and bought two of the apparel items, hoping that I'd like one and feel good about dropping $24 on it. In the end, I liked them both!

The first item was this dark purple jersey dress with elastic waist and included skinny belt. It fit beautifully, is totally my color (hard to see in the pictures, where it skews almost black), and is super soft and very versatile. In the pictures below, I dressed it up for work, using the belt and adding a lace cami, zigzag tights from H&M, and silver peacock-etched hoop earrings.

The second item was a plaid blazer with elbow patches. It's the slightest bit smaller than I'd like it to be, but as long as I wear something sleek underneath it totally works. The buttons are a little loose so I need to quickly re-stitch those before I wear it, so for now it's on my dress form. I love how the piece has my menswear vibe but is still super fitted, and I can imagine throwing it on with a white tee and skinny jeans or with a skirt for work.

All in all, I'm thrilled with what I got and now shamelessly have the "surprise" bug. I can't wait to do it again! Are there any other fashion surprises I should try?

Disclosure: I paid for my Stylish Surprise as I do all of my clothes. If you make your first ModCloth purchase through the links on this page, we both get $15 to spend there. Win-win!

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Theboxqueen said...

Lauren you did get lucky too lady :) I love that first dress. Even looking black it's very pretty; I bet it's even better in purple. So very classy.
The jacket is totally preppy chic and would look great the way you plan to style it with skinny's.
Isn't the surprise bug so contagious :-)), since I started I haven't been able to stop myself from trying new mystery boxes. Just because you asked though; I'll tell haha; have you looked into Golden Tote? ( I review them and am a huge fan) really good boutique quality clothes in grab bags each month. XOXO <3 Elif