03 September 2014


I have been looking at my medicine cabinet with disdain for months. Its interior is not even wood, but a slowly deteriorating veneer, and it needed a good scrubbing and some serious organization. Then Apartment Therapy posted their weekend project for the Labor Day holiday, and it was organizing your medicine cabinet. Thanks for the push, AT. I used the extra days off to do something slightly more involved and am thrilled with how it turned out. It's like a breath of fresh air every time I open the cabinet!



The primer and paint are from Sherwin Williams (the color is Crystal Clear) and the containers are from Dollar Tree (four for $1.00 is my kind of price). Along the way I got rid of anything expired or that I wasn't using, and put like items together to help me find things better. There's actually more in there now - allowing me to clear out some random bins under the sink - but it's so well organized that it feels more spacious. All told, it was an inexpensive makeover that has made a huge difference!


I had this terrible plastic toilet seat that I'm sure is standard issue for apartments. I realized while spending a lot of time in the bathroom painting the medicine cabinet that it was well worth the investment for however long I live here to just replace my toilet seat. It's the best $15 I could have spent. Yes, none of us want to invest time and money in a space we don't own, but sometimes the little things make the biggest difference. 

I'll end this post with a promise that this is the most I will ever discuss bathrooms.

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