10 June 2016


In the past few months that I haven't been on the blog, I've been at work. A few seven-show Saturdays, unveiling a new season, and a promotion to Director of Ticketing later, I'll admit I'm just a tiny bit tired. But I'm mostly asking, "What's next?"

What was next this spring was Disney's The Lion King. Besides getting to work with what is easily one of the best and coolest casts, crews and staffs in the business, we managed to break some records. I've worked quite a few Broadway shows in the last several years but none have caught fire in exactly this way (The Book of Mormon was huge, of course, but we had four times as many seats to sell for The Lion King and the excitement increased exponentially week to week). Our staff never stopped fielding questions about Simba and Mufasa for months, and by the end, I could release a pair of seats, glance away, and when I looked back at the screen they'd be sold. Students waited for hours in rush lines for just a small handful of available tickets. I'm thankful for our incredible team and the audiences here in Madison for supporting this timeless and gorgeous show. 

What's next for us at Overture includes mailing subscription tickets for next season to thousands of homes later this month, welcoming the kinkiest show on Broadway, and piling on the summer concerts. What's next for me includes presenting at Tessitura's annual conference (on apps, interactivity and mobile ticketing) and maybe a short vacation at some point. I promise to keep you updated.

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